Thor love and thunder trailer release date and cast

Thor love and thunder trailer release date and cast



What is going on every-body welcomes back to the cold lake roof where we talk all things Marvel and MCU, Thor love, and thunder  I’m a trending topic creator and a quick reminder about our moon night watch party tonight it will be back sorry I missed last time, but we will be back tonight we’ll be starting at 11 30 pacific times so exciting news there and exciting news that we may have the exact release date for the trailer for Thor.



Love and thunder is the one that we have been waiting for a long time now, the one that has broken the record for the least amount of days between the teaser trailers released, and the actual movie’s theatrical release, the trailer has almost become more famous than the spider-man no way home trailer.



Of course, nothing will ever be that I’m sure the hype around that was insane but the hype for Thor love and thunder is still very much real especially since we found out that the Guardians of the Galaxy are going to play a pretty decent role in Thor love and thunder.



We’ll talk about that in a bit but first let’s talk about when this trailer could be coming as it is listed on a website an actual release date for it and of course if you’re new, and you want to stay up to date on the MCU and trailer updates be sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss out on any of the latest trend article so if you caught my topic yesterday you know that the trailer for Thor love and thunder is officially done.


Thor love and thunder


They have all the footage that they need the editing should be done at this point the only thing that’s left is the voice dubbing which is how we figured it out that it was complete marvel voice actor Gaurav Chopra who does the Hindi voice dub for Chris hems worth shared a picture to his story yesterday on Instagram sharing that he has done his work for the voice dubbing for the Thor love and thunder trailer.



That means it’s done huge news but when is it coming, well a website that has been talking a lot about marvel news recently and has been considered very credible is saying that the trailer for Thor love and thunder should be coming next Monday, April 18th.



Now yesterday I did mention that marvel typically releases big trailers on a Monday as long as no other studios are involved like sonny they typically release them very early on in the morning around 9 am eastern time 6 am pacific time and a week for all the voice dub actors to get their parts done, and their voice-overs recorded is plenty of time, and they shouldn’t be sent the trailer unless it’s 100 entirely complete that way they can just do the voice dub, and it’s done so Monday, April 18th is looking pretty good now this website is the Brazilian website chipu, and they are claiming that the trailer is coming April 18th and apparently.



The people who run the site are actually kind of famous in Brazil, and they are respected! as a reliable source now I don’t know too much about this website! but they have been posting a lot of exclusive stuff about marvel’s face iv! they’ve talked about she-hulk and black panther and other projects as well! and those haven’t come out yet! so we haven’t been able to prove their accuracy or not! but it looks like it will be tested next Monday! as everybody is expecting that trailer to come out thanks to them again.



I would be a little cautious on this one but as far as timing it would make sense! and marvel does like to release trailers on Monday morning! and since we have all of this promo coming out! we now have our first look at gore the god butcher! which was given to us not too long ago we have a look at revenge! Thor and a ton of different action figures coming out for Thor love and thunder.



The press tour is on its way they’re talking about Thor love and thunder! as we speak it all seems to be leading up to the actual trailer’s release! which I do believe could be Monday and according to the site it is Monday! so keep an eye out for that I’m not saying it’s 100 confirmed! since we haven’t proven this website’s track record yet! but again since all of this stuff is kind of closing and together on the release of the trailer.



I do think it’s coming next week and Monday! would make perfect, sense so let me know how excited you are to finally! see the Thor love and thunder trailer in the comments down below! don’t forget to like the article and follow us for more! so you don’t miss out on any of the latest Marvel news.



Thank you all so much for reading.


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