Southern trend

Southern trend


Hello everyone welcome back to the Website today’s article is all about using 2022’s paint color Southern trend in feng shui this article will be broken down into three parts! essentially what I want to do is southern trend talk about how to use colors in feng shui? how to overlay the colors onto your Bagua map? so that you can enhance certain corners of your home. Whether or not you want to enhance the love and relationship corner! the wealth and money corner! or maybe the children in relationships corner. I’ll show you how to create more abundance in your life using key elemental colors. The second part is going to be dissecting Benjamin Moore’s 2022 paint color Southern trend of the year. In the third portion of the article, I’ll share ways how you can incorporate those colors without painting entire walls.


Let’s jump right into it and talk about the feng shui colors Southern trend and how they are laid out on the Bagua map. In that previous article, I showed you how to take compass directions of your home how to overlay the Bagua map! and divide it into grids so it’s essentially a nine-section grid. That’s overlaid onto your home’s existing floor plan whether or not you chose to do a living room or the entire expanse of the home. You’re sectioning off your space into a three-by-three grid you’ve got the north corner the south corner the east the west northeast northwest southeast southwest and so on, of course, not everyone is going to have a perfect three-by-three grid.


Southern trend


You might have some missing corners your north corner might be at an angle so! of course, you want to overlay that map onto the angled corners and do the best you can. So now that you understand the grid and all of the elements that correspond to each compass direction. Let’s talk about color using a similar grid that’s overlaid onto your room’s floor plan. You’ll be breaking the room up into nine sections you’ve got the north corner south corner east corner west corner northeast southeast southwest northwest not only is each corner tied to a specific element. It’s also tied to a particular color the north corner is all about your career and life path! This is all about finding your mission in life. Your life’s purpose and this color are predominantly black and dark tones moving in a clockwise direction.

You’ve got your northeast corner which is the knowledge and self-cultivation corner. The colors that correspond to this direction are blues blacks and greens. This corner is all about your personal development next we’ve got the east corner that corresponds with the wood element wood is all about greens and blues this is the family and health corner so this is all about family issues resolving. The Southern trend past it’s about your physical health and it’s almost a rebirth of some sort! so if you’re looking to tap into your health your family and your community.


Southern trend


This is the corner and the colors that you want to play into moving on to the southeast corner of the wood. It’s all about wealth and abundance the colors that correspond to this corner are purples reds and greens. If you’re looking to enhance your gratitude self-worth or your finances! You’d want to enhance this corner with purples reds and greens with a wood element. The south corner is all about fire so just think a fire is red it’s oranges it’s bright crimson tone. This is the corner that’s all about fame recognition reputation and your social life moving on to the southwest corner.

This is your love and relationships corner this corner is guided by the earth element and it’s all about pink and red tones! If you want to enhance your marriage your relationships and partnerships. This is the corner that you want to inject more pink and red tones into the west corner that corresponds to the metal element. It’s all about whites bright and pastel colors just think elemental metal colors this is creativity and children’s corner! So if you want to enhance creative expression or joy. Especially when it deals with your children or the kids in your family you’d want to play up the whites and pastels in this corner.


Barbie Bratz or Fairy trend


Southern trend


The northwest corner is all about helping people with their spiritual life and your travel. This is also the metal element and the colors that correspond are grays whites and black. So if you’re looking for a little bit more support in your life this will be the corner that you want to enhance and finally at the center of it! All is the earth element this central portion of your home and space is all about yellow and earth tones it’s about being centered it’s about your overall. Well-being this is the area where all your good fortune culminates into a crescendo.

If you’re not looking to enhance a particular corner or a particular element or some facet of your life. That you feel is missing focus and concentrate on being centered that’s what great qi is all about it’s all about the energy. That surrounds you and how all of those energies play together to make you feel a little bit more balanced. A little bit more centered and a little bit more grounded as a result the more you dive into your practice of feng shui. You’ll see that there could be some conflicting ideologies out there! I went to university for psychology so, of course, I could follow one or young or Freud so essentially you do follow all of the schools of thought and then you kind of arrive at your conclusion.


Southern trend


My feng shui master taught me to always follow the compass directions. You’ll see some books and some websites talk about how to align the Bagua map right onto your home using north as the front entrance of the home. But for me, I always follow the compass directions the entrance of my home is a south-facing wall! So in some cases, you could overlay this map, and instead of the south being south that south entrance would be considered north so depending on which school of thought you tap into my one advice is just to keep it consistent if you always use the front entry as north instead of the true compass direction north. Then keep it consistent throughout your entire practice! Now for the fun part let’s talk about Benjamin Moore’s color paint trends for 2022 and how that relates to the feng shui of your home.


Feng shui


So if you look at all the color trends across the market from benjamin Moore to pharaoh and ball to Pantone to bear. I mean pretty much all of the major paint vendors out there. You’ll see that green is huge for 2022 which is no surprise a lot of design whether or not. It was fashion or interiors related gravitated toward those earthy natural organic elements! So there’s a lot of green on this benjamin Moore list in feng shui green corresponds to the wood and earth elements. The north northeast and east corners of your home are perfect to kind of inject all of these green-type hues. So we look at Benjamin Moore’s colors October mist high park and Gloucester sage are all greenish tones these are a little bit more saturated in green tones.


Southern trend


So if you want to enhance the family and health corner or the knowledge and self-cultivation corners of your home. These would be the colors to choose quiet moments is a little bit more on the muted side. So it would still work beautifully in the family and health wood corner! But I would probably stay away from the northeast corner since it’s a little bit more desaturated as a result Fernwood green has this yellowish tint to it. I mean you really can’t tell unless you put it against all the other greens but you can tell that Fernwood green is a mix between yellow and green. So if you look at the Bagua map firewood green will fall between the east and the center sections of your home.

Moving over to pale moon is this buttery yellowish color and while it’s not fully saturated and super yellow. This would fall between your earth’s center which is the center of the home! or the center of the room! and more towards the west corner which is where creativity and children lie. So if you’re looking for a color to enhance in that space pale moon would be the perfect color to play in between those two spaces. Next, we’ve got steam and morning dew steam and the morning dew is kind of that off-white taupey tannish colors that are easy to use in interior design decoration.


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It’s all about injecting this southeast corner of the home! or your room with these purplish hues! or a hint of violet what good is understanding. All of these colors and how they correspond to feng shui! if you don’t know how to use them in your home. The great thing about paint color trends! is it’s not just about your walls even though these forecasts come out year after year after year. I just look at these trends to inspire the colors that I’m going to use in my home! Whether or not it’s new furniture new textiles maybe a beautiful piece of art or a fabulous rug don’t think just walls there are so many different ways to incorporate all of these colors into your home. So let’s break them down one by one steam collector’s items and morning dew are all off-white tones.

While it’s really easy and natural to paint an entire room! in these hues think about injecting them in seating maybe an entire seating group based on these colors. A deep loungy sectional even a pair of cushy armchairs if you already have dark walls in your space! why not be inspired by these lighter tones for high contrast drapery. I love the look of white on white but a cool designer’s trick! to make it feel even more special is to layer the whites with a little bit of contrast. So it feels effortless and chic morning dew is one of my favorite Benjamin Moore colors! and I’ve used it multiple times against high contrast white trim it has a hint of green to it.


health corner


So if you have any green elements in your home! this would be a fabulous color to contrast the walls with October mist would look equally great on cabinets! as they do on walls if that’s a little bit too much of a commitment for you think about upholstering! your furniture in this color especially if it already has natural wood trim. I love how these greens feel subdued elegant yet very sophisticated! in a space high park that has a little bit more saturation! so if it’s too much for all of your walls! think about a strategic focal wall or maybe even a corner with heavy drapery.

I love the olive tones of Gloucester sage and this art piece! says it all it’s such a beautiful statement art piece to anchor a blank white slate in your home. This hue looks fabulous against natural walnut tones this is probably one of my favorite colors! in the entire color trends palette Fernwood green is a little bit more nuanced! so if you like a little tinge of yellow and brightness into your green space try this color for textiles! or even a corner accent chair quiet moments sound like it looks quite reserved beautiful! and calming pale moon’s buttery rich tones could lean a little bit on the yellow side.


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So if you want to inject a little brightness and cheeriness into the space! this is the perfect heel for you. I could see natural linen Venetian portico and wildflower in an entire color story! natural linen would look gorgeous on a deep comfy sectional or even textiles on a layered bed! think about creating a stylish vignette with these hues and watch your bookshelf come alive with wildflower’s deep terracotta hues! bring an earthiness into space. It’s great for those desert modern vibes that are all the rage right now! when injecting a little purple in your home! a little goes such a long way a hint of violet! would be beautiful on drapery or even a statement r piece behind your sofa.

Why not try it as a singular accent chair in your layered living room! if you’re looking for a little bit more drama mysterious! will have you covered if you have an all-white bedroom mysterious! would look fabulous for your windows and shades this is the perfect color for those deep dark moody vibes. This was such a fun article to make I love talking about feng shui! and the best part about it is how to incorporate it into your everyday life! whether or not you’re incorporating these paint color Southern trend of 2022 in your daily life. What you’ll notice in interior design is that it’s a little bit later than fashion.


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You know the Southern trend is going go go go! I mean they’ve got a collection a season and interior design! of course, since it has to do with paint colors furniture textiles! are a little bit slower to kind of jump on that Southern trend. So while these are paint color trends for 2022. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing them for years down the line. I would love to make an article showing you how. Please give this article a thumbs-up comment below and let me know.



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