how to get rid of a hickey

how to get rid of a hickey

how to get rid of a hickey


how’s it going everyone in this article I’m going to talk about how to get rid of a hickey in two minutes before I get started please subscribe to my website if you haven’t already I do appreciate this part helps my website grow.
why I’m writing the Hickey article is because my subscribers I made an article in the past about hickeys. That’s basically it’s my subscribers want more of this article I have a ton of tips that will help you get rid of a hickey last time we kind of talked about using a pen there are some other ways too that I kind of wants to go over but again I’m going to start off this article saying if you’re a first-time person reading this article how do you get rid of a Hickey in two minutes it’s very easy.


Read till the end of the article and you will get your Hickey removed trust me on this so to get rid of the Hickey what you need to do is you need to understand what is a hickey all it is is it’s a bruise on your neck that’s all it is it’s a bruise now and we’re going to get rid of bruises which you can do to speed up the healing time again these will go away by themselves but what you can do to speed up the time is all you have to do is a create friction on your neck with some sort of device.


The house I have a screwdriver at home right on and grab it no idea why I have a screwdriver I was probably doing some maintenance but anyways screwdriver will work too pen will work anything around your house that you can rub on your neck so this is all I’m doing actually I shouldn’t title the article how to get rid of a hickey the main thing that works that everybody has around their house as a spoon will work or a coin I know some people are a little bit broke but most people should have coins lying around the house may be in your couch or something and all you’re going to do is rub for two minutes straight wherever.


That Hickey is I’m just assuming it’s on your neck most people when they have hickeys it’s on their neck so you had rub for two minutes straight and your Hickey will instantly be gone instantly.


Some of the complaints that I got from people was that it makes your neck red that is supposed to happen to trust me um if you’re creating friction on your neck should be red if it’s not red you’re not doing it correctly actually it might not be right.


But most cases and will be right now how do you get rid of the redness wait five-ten minutes the redness will be gone what will also happen is that your Hickey will instantly be gone as well so again just take something to rub it on your neck for two minutes don’t put too much pressure put a little bit of pressure and just rub for two minutes this will create friction and will get rid of the hickey on your neck guarantee.


Now for some people, we’re all different some people may not work why won’t it work. You just need a little more time that’s it this will work for everyone. Some people might need a little more time! but if you’re if you really want to get rid of this! and you’re dedicated to getting rid of the Hickey. Do it for five minutes straight if that doesn’t work! wait ten minutes for the redness to go away if it’s there.


What should happen is that! it should almost be faded. It’ll be super faded and then you do it again! for another five minutes and then this time it’ll be completely gone. But that’s it the two minutes don’t work generally the two minutes should be enough! and if it doesn’t work which we will notice is that! it’s super faded and if you notice it’s faded just do it again.


Rub it again for two minutes then it will be gone, Kruk! trust me on this and the article thank you so much! for reading for all my fitness subscribers out there. I’m not going to apologize for making this article.


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