The entertainment district of Sangoku Tanjuro and the boy’s training

The entertainment district of Sangoku Tanjuro and the boy’s training




four months after the passing of the entertainment district Rangoku Tanjuro and the boys have been training relentlessly after completing one of his solo missions Tanjiro, overhears someone screaming within the butterfly mansion the sound Hashira Tenganusui begins taking away Aoi and Naho, Tanjiro confused decides to headbutt Tengen, Tengen stealthily avoids the attack proclaiming he used to be a ninja Tanjiro demands Tengan to release the girls in exchange to join the mission in their stead Zanito and Inosuke.




Also, join Sandra as Tengen ultimately agrees to take them all towards the entertainment district once they arrived at the entertainment district Tengen informs the boys of the mission Tengen’s three wives Makio Suma and Hinatsuru all Kanoichi were stationed within three separate establishments narrowing down the location of a demon after losing communication with his wives Tengan has devised a plan to disguise all three boys as females within the three separate establishments to locate his wives and track down the demon at house Ogimoto Inosuke overhears two women mentioning Makio’s reluctance to leave a room which introduces us to an ob demon holding Machio hostage.




But the obi sent to the nose case snooping in the hallway and decides to flee Enosuke pursues the demon but eventually loses sight of it in the Kyogoku house the Nitu overhears a woman crying and rested in to find her he walks into a destroyed room as chills are sent down his spine sensing that the orient of the house Wooda Bahime isn’t human the need to grab whatever he made by the arm demanding to let the girl go anger whatever he may slam Zanitsu into a wall rendering him unconscious the following day Tengan informs Hinosuke and Tanjiro that Zunitsu has been captured by the demon.



entertainment district



They’re pursuing he apologizes for putting their lives in danger asks them to leave then vanishes to locate the upper rank alone and how’s Tokaido Whatabahime aka Daki has snuck inside Koinotsu’s room causing Tanjuro to track her scent angrily shout to release her but donkey strikes Tanjuro and sends him flying through a building amazed at her strength and speed Tantro manages to keep his composure and informs Neziko to only come out of her box if her life is in danger.




Tundra begins battling Daki as his water breathing techniques slice the obi keeping Koinatsu captive freeing her docky insults Tandro before they continue fighting Tengen has located Hinatsuru and after a quick embrace he runs off back to the battlefield he overhears vibrations of a demon coming from an underground cavern pulling out his blades to perform his sound breathing attack the ground explodes revealing Daki’s underground cavern in the demon nest Inosuke discovers Zenitsu along with several hostages greeted by the obi Inosuke.




Begins battling the demon he tries to finish off the obi but is unsuccessful due to the obi’s elasticity so raku and I then appear stopping the ob in its tracks revealing to come from summa and Makio suddenly thunderous roars within the underground can be heard by the obi revealing they come from Zanichu the ceiling above explodes resembling a similar thunderous sound revealing to come from tangent however amidst the smoking chaos the ob has escaped with Tengen Zunitsu and Inosuke quickly in pursuit of it as Tanjoro and Daki’s battle wages on Tanjore unleashes.



entertainment district



The Hinokami kagura to better suit his fighting cell he begins slashing out one burst of an attack as Daki nearly avoids it Tanjiro follows once more Yataki counter-attack in the midst of the battle the obi from underground comes flying unexpectedly to enter Daki’s body causing her to disappear from Tonjiro’s site Pandro looks up and notices Daki above the roof now with white-colored hair emerging stronger she unleashes a powerful blast heavily injuring Tondro now furious Tantro eyes mutates and is covered in blood as his rage becomes even more concentrated from a distance Dakin looks onward to Tandro she begins to envision a mysterious man.




She realizes the man she’s envisioning is coming from Muzan’s memories anger Doki unleashes her blood demon art eight layered obi slash to push him back yet Tanjuro concerts with another Kinokami kagura causing Daki to panic Tantros swings his blade towards Daki’s neck but it transforms into an obi refusing to be cut Tandro falls back assesses the situation in front of him and begins to strike once more but then suddenly envisions his sister Hanukko desperately telling him to breathe losing his focus.




He collapses on the floor gasping for air as a result of pushing his body beyond his limits Daki moments from killing Tantro is interrupted by Neziko who Kickstaki decapitating half of her head during the battle Nezuko drops her bamboo muscle from her mouth a horn begins growing out of her right side of her forehead and her body becomes covered in ivy-like demon crest donkey gets intimidated by Neziko’s aura as Neziko tries kicking donkey but manages to slice her leg off yet Neziko still manages to smash donkey’s face to the ground with Daki concluding that Nezuko’s regenerative abilities are now much faster than even hers Daki shouts at Nezuko and uses her ob to slice Nezugo’s limbs off and as it goes blood splatters in the air it begins to solidify and starts burning donkey’s entire body.



entertainment district




Neziko relentlessly stomps on her and gleefully sends Daki flying through a nearby building Tanjuro arrives to restrain his sister with Tengan arriving shortly after Surprised that Neziko’s flashy demonization Tengan looks over docky and tells her she can’t be an upper rank due to he inferior strength suddenly docky’s head comes off feeling confused as to what just transpired Tengan then tells Tondro to sing Nezuko a lullaby to calm her down which just works meanwhile Daki cries out to Guyutaro to save her as a male demon emerges from Daki’s own body.




The Yutaro revealed to be the donkey’s older brother is furious learning what the demon slayers have done as he begins to pull out two large sickles creating a fury of slashes he unleashes his blood demon art flying blood sickles towards Tengen who manages to block the attack however Guyataro can freely command his sickles as they turn to strike tangent once more Guyyotaro grows irritated that Tengan hasn’t died from his poison drenched sickles in which tengu explains.



entertainment district



He’s built a resistance to poison being raised in a shinobi household although Guyatoro notices the deterioration in the tanker’s physical state and becomes delighted knowing the poison is indeed slowly taking effect through the heat of this splashy battle Tengan discovers how to defeat the demon siblings yet Guyutaro remains confident the poison will kill him first at that moment Sinitsu Inosuke and Tanjiro arrive to assist tangent.




The group then splits into teams of two Tengan and Tanjore will face Kuyutaro while Zunitsu Inosuke will face off against the donkey who’s revealed the third team in the eye on her forehead both battles are ferociously underway from above Hinatsuru launches a large box filled with poisonous kunai towards Guyyotaro seizing the moment Toronto attempts a finishing strike until Guyataro manages to regenerate his legs and repels their attack Guyyotaro suddenly disappears and from the rooftop reappears capturing Hinaturu luckily Tengen’s water-breathing attack saves Hinaturu thanks to combining both water and fire breathing to increase his strength.





Tengan then comes from behind and prepares to take Kuyotaro’s head off as Tangro aids him in the attempt but both failed as Guyatoro’s blood demon art sends both him and tangent flying off the roof from a distance Zanitsu asked Sandro to assist both him and Hinosuke to take down Daki Inosuke rushes towards Daki with his beast breathing explosive attack with support from the others and then Inosuke has successfully decapitated Daki’s head off but then Guyatoro impales Inosuke grabbing his sister’s head back Tandro then looks down on the ground horrified to see Tengan laying unresponsive bleeding on the ground Zunitsu tries warning Tantro of the upcoming ob attack.





Which collapses the roof dragging the boys with it Guillotaro stands over Tanjiro in an attempt to break Tantro’s fighting spirit and forms the demon slayer his team has been defeated followed by breaking Taijiro’s fingers yet strangely offers him the opportunity to become a demon Tanjaro replies no thanks and heads Togetaro while also stabbing him in the leg simultaneously with another kunai with Guyataro paralyzed Kanjiro gets up and swings his blade onto him Daki attempts to assist her brother yet in a flask.





Zanitsu frees himself from the rubble and attacks her with his thunder breathing followed by godspeed begging for his blade to finish her off Tandro continues to struggle to slice Scooty taro’s neck as Kukutoro frees himself to gain the upper hand just then Tengan regains his consciousness and protects Tanjiro as a two battle Tantro leaps into the air but gets stabbed through the jaw with Guyutaro’s sickle ignoring the pain tantra remains focused on his task while Guyyotaro notices the scar on Tongro’s head develop into a demon slayer mark.



Meanwhile, Daki is seen resisting Zanito’s attempt to decapitate her until Enosuke unexpectedly rushes up from behind all three boys roar musters out of the stream to slice through both demon’s neck Enos games and need to are seen slicing off Doki’s head on the rooftop while Tanjiro can be seen decapitating the head off of Guyyotaro both demon heads fall onto the ground rolling around until their heads come face to face were then shown a flashback of their tragic past but for the sake of time.




Whatever Neziko was shown during both Hinosuke and Tangum with their demon blood art entertainment district revealing her flames has mysteriously eliminated the poison from within their body Obani congratulates Tengan for defeating the upper rank six but after losing his left eye in hand Tengan ultimately decides to retire however he hints to Obani that Tanjiro could be a worthy successor as a Hashira in the near future at the infinity castle Akaza ponders.





That his summoning must mean a member of the upper rank has been defeated were then introduced to the remaining upper-rank Yoko Hantengu Doma and the mysterious upper-rank Kokushibu Muzan appears and is pissed chastising the upper ranks demanding that they all serve him with suicidal devotion going forward entertainment district he ordered Chantengu to join Kyoko out on a mission and banish this elsewhere we see two men sitting in a house eating and drinking tea Tsumiyoshi.





One of the men thanks the mysterious man for saving his family despite Tsumi Yoshi viewing the man as powerful the mysterious man retorts claiming how he was unable to protect what was most important to him Tanjoro is then seen crying as he wakes up from the dream heavily bandaged and hooked up to multiple IVs canal walks up in the room relieved informing Tantro that he’s been unconscious for the past two months happy to see him awake and that was the entertainment district in a nutshell.



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