Barbie Bratz or Fairy trend

Barbie Bratz or Fairy trend


Milana is one of our favorite Disney Princesses but do you know what happened to her make sure you read this article until the end to know what Polynesian people think about this movie. If you love Moana as much as we do today we are showing you the disturbing real story behind Moana who is Maui. While Moana isn’t part of Polynesian mythology the Disney movie was inspired by another character Maui. We can find this Barbie Bratz or Fairy trend demigod in many cultures but the creator’s decision to focus more on the Polynesian mythology. However, when they first looked at it many people didn’t recognize him that’s because Maui was supposed to be a slim young man coming of age with a topknot on his head we don’t know what Disney did to him.


Barbie Bratz or Fairy trend
Solomon Islands Disney


But he ended up being huge and covered with tattoos with long flowing hair on his shoulders the animators first wanted Maui to be much thinner involved. But they chose to change his physical appearance to make him look more heroic. Many people were upset with that choice but we’ll talk about this later Maui’s family looks different too in mythology. Maui had four brothers he was also the son of a God and a mortal woman making him a demigod. What we see in the movie where he was abandoned by his parents and raised by a God but just because he was a demigod doesn’t mean that he was all good.



Barbie Bratz or Fairy trend

Actually, the original story involved much violent stuff and things that should have only been seen by adults. This is why it was left out of the film that was meant to be seen by children. But there are some things that Maui can be proud of what happened what did Maui do to be so popular in many cultures. The best-known myth was that the demigod was the one who created the islands. It all started when Maui convinced his brothers to go on a fishing trip but the demigod caught his magical fishing hook on the ocean floor. This was when he told his brothers that they should paddle as hard as they could. Because they had caught a big fish they paddled so hard that they shored up several islands that would later make up.


Barbie Bratz or Fairy trend


Barbie Bratz or Fairy trend

The islands of Hawaii and many other islands are in another version of the story. He caught a huge fish but his brothers opened it without his permission and it broke up into mountains cliffs and valleys. The legend says that if they had waited to open it the islands would have plain flat one of his biggest accomplishments was also restraining the Sun. When he lassoed it with his sister’s hair he wouldn’t let it go until the Sun agreed to give them long days in the summer. Short days in the winter in the Hawaiian culture Maui is also responsible for passing the secret of fire to humans. We hear about many of these stories in the song you’re welcome but it was really easy to miss.




Disney has often been accused of being insensitive to cultures. Mostly when they turned Pocahontas ‘as tragic story into a fairy tale. But this time the creators wanted to make people proud they have been interested in the demigod Maui. But Disney Animation chief told them to go research before doing anything this is why the creators went to Polynesia many times to meet a group of anthropologists cultural practitioners historians linguists and choreographers. These people help them make sure that the story was accurate this is why they deleted a scene where Moana threw a temper tantrum and hurled coconuts down on the sand. Because it was considered to be extremely offensive. They are also the ones who said that Maui couldn’t be bald because that’s where the power of the demigod came from during their first trip. The creators also saw that Polynesian women were so beautiful.


Barbie Bratz or Fairy trend


That they should make the story about one of them this is how Mawlana was created, Disney. Also, cast Hawaiian voice actors. Who was encouraged to rewrite the lines to add more accuracy?¬†Hawaiian slang is how there are some things that they got right people to love to see. That Moana was a strong Disney Princess. Who didn’t need a prince they took the time to show some Polynesian traditions and they made sure that the community was the most important part of the story. But can we forgive them after all the things they did wrong what is wrong when people learned that Disney was making a movie about a princess from a different origin?

Many people were getting ready to be offended. One of the first things that shocked them was how Maui looked as we have said before. The demigod was supposed to be a teenager on the verge of manhood. But he was illustrated as a kind of buffoon and some people thought that he looked kind of stupid. Others were also offended by his size as they said it perpetuated offensive images of Polynesians as overweight. Some people didn’t even want their kids to watch the movie because of that it just got worse. When Disney created a cost of Maui featuring a tattooed body stocking. It is not a surprise that this brown face caused a big controversy. People also didn’t like it. How coconuts were used as a caricature of Pacific people. Just got worse when they depicted a whole race of people.

The Camorra as evil coconuts but the problem is that according to the legend. They were simply short-statured people of the Solomon Islands Disney had no right to portray them.


Barbie Bratz or Fairy trend


What do Polynesian people think but what do Polynesian people have to say about this will Varner from BuzzFeed. Ask some of his friends to talk about Moana. When the movie came out some of them were excited to see people like them on the big screen. While others were getting ready to be offended but they did love a lot of things about the movie.

Like the grandma the raw color and beauty of the islands the songs and the community. They also all agree that their favorite character was Moana. However, there are still some things that they didn’t like. It is not a surprise that many of them didn’t like how Maui looked at them. Also noted is that women couldn’t become chief in the Tongan culture surprisingly. Many of them didn’t like the giant crab and one also said that coconuts just aren’t scary. But no matter what if they could change one thing. That would probably be some voice actors or the sound of the choir. Oh, and one of them couldn’t handle the chicken. Another still argued that women can’t become chief.

But overall they had to admit that it wasn’t that bad what do you think about Moana. Do you think that Disney did a good job or they should have stuck to the real story? Don’t be shy to answer in the comment section down below. We love to hear what you think and that’s it for the disturbing real story behind Moana

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